Girl lost in thoughtWhat about the lawyers?

You will be encouraged to seek the advice of a lawyer as you move through the mediation process. Why? There may be times when you are not certain of your legal rights. In order to negotiate effectively you need to know your rights so a conversation with your lawyer may be helpful.

Remember: Mediators are not allowed to give legal advice, even if the mediator is a lawyer.

At the conclusion of the mediation process, we will write a Memorandum of Understanding together. You will not sign this document, thus you have not agreed to anything until the next step has taken place.

This Memo of Understanding is sent to the lawyers of each party. One of these lawyers will transform your Memo into a legal Separation Agreement.

Your lawyer will review the entire agreement with you to ensure that none of your legal rights have been violated.

At this point you will sign the Separation Agreement which will then be registered as a legal document with the court.

N.B. I have never had a Memorandum of Understanding returned by a lawyer. It could happen but I am very vigilant and will do my very best to ensure that all parties are fully protected. It’s in all of our best interests.