Girl lost in thoughtWhat mediation process is followed?

Every profession adheres to a reliable, standardized process that, when followed, greatly increases the likelihood of achieving a successful outcome.

Working with Bob you will follow this 5 Step Mediation Process:

  1. Safety: We discuss and take all necessary steps to ensure that all parties, especially the children. are safe from harm.
  2. Issues: I spend time with each party separately to understand their wants and needs in and through the mediation.
  3. Agenda Setting: Together we discuss the issues identified by each party , we create meeting rules and guidelines where necessary and we agree on a plan for addressing all issues.
  4. Parties Speak for Themselves: Both parties have time to speak for themselves, explaining their thoughts, concerns and hopes. We often use reflective listening techniques to ensure that each party is thoroughly understood.
  5. Negotiate Win:Win Agreements: Both parties discuss, debate and brainstorm various options until mutually satisfactory solutions are reached.


Time and experience have proven conclusively that when parties work through this process they create agreements that they can live with and which they stick to. Parties also often report that this process has resulted in them becoming much better communicators and negotiators, skills that will be helpful in all areas of life.